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The Gloria! Project

18 Aug 2017 13:28

A Documentary by Kelly Burkhardt The Gloria! Project is a thought-provoking feature-length documentary about the life and legacy of transformative civil rights leader and Latina lesbian Gloria Casarez. Born and raised in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, Gloria lived and organized during four decades of oppressive governmental policies and practices. Things like Presidents Nixon’s and […]

Troubled Water

17 Aug 2017 14:36

A Documentary by Will Parrinello In 2002 Canadian mining corporation Pacific Rim began exploration of the El Dorado gold mine in El Salvador. When farmer Francisco Pineda vowed to protect his region’s fragile water resources from the devastating impacts of mining, it was the beginning of a major battle in his community that divided neighbors, led […]

The Forgotten People

19 Jul 2017 16:06

A Documentary from Pyewackitt Productions Just over a year ago, in the small village of Nabweye, Uganda, one out of four children died from drinking non-potable water. Died. From water. That all changed when Marie-Antoinette Boot, a stay-at-home-mom from a suburban town in Connecticut decided she wanted to do something special for her 50th birthday. Her […]

2017 Kopkind/CID Film Campers heading to Vermont!

11 Jul 2017 17:07

This years Kopkind/CID filmmakers are making their way up to Vermont this week!

The Space Torah Project

30 May 2017 14:42

A Documentary from Verissima Productions   What do the Biblical account of The Creation Story and Space Travel have to do with each other? Astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman brought them together by reading the Book of Genesis from a miniature Torah, while gliding through the very “firmament” it is describing. This was a significant event, bringing […]

Larry Rosenberg: Long Path Home

22 May 2017 19:36

There’s a consciousness revolution going on in America today – an explosion of meditation practice or “mindfulness” that’s being applied to virtually every aspect of living. How did this astonishing circumstance come about?


15 May 2017 14:26

A Documentary by Seyi Adebanjo Afromystic is an Afrosurrealism, docu-fiction (hybrid).Afromystic is the search for the Divine Love within. Afromystic experiments with ritual, the erotic, and gender representation through indigenous Yorùbá spirituality.   The film will transform and re-appropriate mythology and desire for Queer, Trans & Gender Non Conforming (GNC) People Of Color ritualistically into images […]

Ernie & Joe

1 May 2017 17:52

A Documentary by Jenifer McShane Ernie and Joe are not your everyday policemen—the kind that any of us usually conjure when we imagine officers on the scene; they are part of the San Antonio Police Department’s (SAPD’s) highly progressive and successful Mental Health Unit, which was founded in 2008.  They respond to and engage with […]


24 Apr 2017 16:55

SAVE THE DATE FOR THE 19th ANNUAL ROXBURY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Celebrating People of Color across the World June 22nd – July 1st, 2017 The Roxbury International Film Festival takes place over ten days with workshops, panel discussions and film screenings taking place at the Museum of Fine Arts. The Roxbury International Film Festival is […]

Beyond The Butch Mystique

6 Apr 2017 16:34

A Feature Documentary by Debra A Wilson Beyond The Butch Mystique is a feature documentary that revisits the Butch identified black lesbians who appeared in the 2003 award winning short film Butch Mystique. This new film will explore the changes in their lives over the years, with a look back at them from the original […]

2017 KOPKIND / CID Filmmakers Retreat Seminars: Applications Open!

27 Mar 2017 16:22

We are pleased to announce a call to independent documentary filmmakers who would like to participate in a week long seminar and retreat in southern Vermont. The Center for Independent Documentary and the Kopkind Center are sponsoring this week-long retreat limited to nine filmmakers along with special invited guests.

Leap Of Faith

22 Mar 2017 15:45

A Documentary by Eric Stange Donald Trump won because of the “unlikelies” – voters no one thought would support him. But they did. How’s that going to work out for them?   The surprising outcome of the 2016 election touched off spasms of soul-searching among journalists, pundits and politicians. How could so many experts have […]

The American Revolution

16 Mar 2017 15:17

“The Incredible, True Story of How a Radio Station, Politics and Rock and Roll Changed Everything.” Produced by Bill Lichtenstein Visit the Film Website: YOUTUBE TRAILER: “The American Revolution” is a feature-length documentary film for festival, theatrical, and public television release in March 2018 produced by the Peabody Award-winning Lichtenstein Creative Media. “The American Revolution” tells the untold story […]

Before Homosexuals

14 Mar 2017 04:00

The prequel to classic Emmy Award-winning Film; BEFORE STONEWALL. This film will have its world premiere on April 8, 2017 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston at 2pm.

Bioko: The Fight To Eliminate Malaria

25 Jan 2017 15:15

North America, Africa, 2018 A Documentary by Windy Films Malaria has crippled humans for millennia.  It crippled Genghis Khan’s army, contributed to the fall of the Mayans and infected George Washington.  Now the disease kills over 1,500 people every day, over one thousand of whom are children. While bed nets, pesticide and drugs have helped reduce transmission […]

Strangers To Peace

6 Dec 2016 21:16

A documentary by Noah DeBonis official Strangers to Peace extended trailer from Noah DeBonis on Vimeo. Colombia seems on the brink of ending the bloody 52-year war between the government and the jungle-based FARC guerrillas.  As talks between the two sides continue, 10,000 FARC fighters, many who know little but a life of jungle […]

The Center For Independent Documentary

28 Nov 2016 19:38

For 35 years CID Films and CID Filmmakers have been at the forefront of the struggle toward a more just & equitable society and towards a more sustainable future for our children.  With your help we will carry that struggle forward into what may be a critical and potentially turbulent turning point in our nation’s […]


17 Nov 2016 18:48

The Pride of the Ocean Film Festival Cruise is the first LGBT film festival on the high seas. Join us in February 2018 in the Western Carribbean for our unique fusion of exciting films and luxury cruising. Cabins on sale NOW!


6 Oct 2016 16:34

Directed by Thomas Bena Trophy homes threaten the unique character of Martha’s Vineyard. Ten, fifteen, even twenty-thousand-square-foot houses are going up around the Island. Not only do these mansions stand in stark contrast to traditional cottages, most sit empty for ten months a year, yet are heated year round. When he feels he is complicit […]


3 Oct 2016 19:02

A KICKSTARTER campaign is underway for Diamond Diplomacy, an hour-long HD documentary that explores the relationship between the United States and Japan through a shared love of baseball.

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